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Piper Archer II Cockpit

Hey y’all. It’s been an interesting journey. I didn’t do really anything with photography until high school. I took a photography class my Senior (I think, it’s been too long) year. This required me to learn the basics of framing, composition, lighting and how to develop film.

Piper Archer II Cockpit
Piper Archer II Cockpit

Yes, it was 35mm film. We didn’t have the advantage of being able to instantly review our shots. I would spend a long time setting up for a shot, take the shot, then spend a lot of time back at the dark room developing said film. Unfortunately the first few that I did didn’t turn out. As I progressed I got to the point where I was able to take what I considered decent shots then through the magic of the dark room make adjustments to the final composition.

I had so much fun with that class that for graduation my parents bought me a Canon Powershot S50, which I’m sure is sitting in a box somewhere.  This was the first digital camera I had ever used. It was a top of the line point and shoot from Canon in 2003. I loved that camera and used it all through my freshman year of college. Unfortunately I had catastrophic hard drive failure and lost all of my photos. I did manage to find a few of them on MySpace a few years later. Yes…MySpace, I’m not proud of it, but it’s what we had for a social network beyond the very beginnings of Facebook.

2006 Specialized Gerolsteiner Roubaix

It would be quite a few years until I got a new camera, that Powershot did well for me for years. In 2008 we bought a new small point and shoot Panasonic Lumix (unfortunately this camera was not as memorable for me so I don’t remember the name). By 2010 we started getting smartphones and I was less focused on taking photos. I had too much on my mind being distracted with other things. The incredible thing is how quickly cameras began to improve in phones. I took the photo of the bicycle with my Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2016. It’s amazing how far they have come.

That being said, these cameras have nothing on the capabilities of today’s DSLRs. Sure, there’s a lot to composition, but even with good composition there’s only so much you can do with a fixed focal length, aperture, etc. That brings me about to my gear. This July I purchased a new camera. I have been wanting to get a DSLR for many years and have had the opportunity to do so. After several weeks of poring over which camera to purchase I finally made a decision. Before I get into it I want to talk a little bit about why I went with the camera I chose.

Camera Pros/Cons

Canon Rebel T7i Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS 80D
Pros Cost – Cheapest of the 3 options Less than the 80D
Includes Dual Pixel Focus
Weather Sealing
Headphone Jack
Higher available shutter speed
Best battery life
Cons No Dual Pixel Focus Missing headphone jack
No Weather Sealing
Cost – $300 more than 77D
Lower ISO range than 77D and T7i

After careful deliberation and the viewing of about 100+ YouTube videos, forum visits, professional suggestions I wound up ordering myself the EOS 77D. I felt that it was the happy medium both price point (which I actually got at a very good price) and feature sets. With it I ordered the kit lens, an 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens. We’ll get a bit more into what that means in a future blog. As it stands right now I want so desperately to get this blog out to you that I’m awake at 12:30 in the morning. I digress, the other things I ordered with the camera were a Manfrotto PIXI EVO mini tripod (future blog post, review), the Evecase Shell DSLR Camera Backpack (Review incoming soon), the OAproda LP-E17 batteries (the camera is able to read the charge and does not throw an error), the Tiffen 58mm UV Protection Filter (to protect my lens from scratches, the UV protection isn’t really necessary anymore), and the Tiffen 58mm Neutral Density 0.9 filter (also will go over in a future blog post).

Overall, you can jump on over to my gallery if you are interested in seeing a handful of the photos I’ve taken so far! I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you. Don’t forget to follow on social media for the latest updates and notifications of blog posts.

Till next time!

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