Astrophotography – A Work in Progress

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So what would a blog be without showing my successes and failures? I went out on Friday the 13th late at night to take some photos. I have always loved Astrophotography and wanted to capture a shot of our beautiful galaxy. There is only so much reading and research one can do when trying to figure out how to take different shots, so I broke down, took that knowledge I had and proceeded to find a dark place near town that I could venture to and ultimately snap a few shots of the sky. As I made my way there I was going over everything in my mind, reminding myself what f-stop to use, what ISO, and what shutter speed I wanted to use. Suggestions from people were to use the f/2.8 on my 50mm prime lens, set the ISO to between 400 and 800, and start with a shutter speed to start with at a couple of seconds.

Armed with this information I pulled over to the side of the road, whipped out the 77D, grabbed the 50mm Prime lens, and the tripod. It’s a fairly quick setup and the capabilities of this Manfrotto tripod are incredible. I had it on the tripod and ready to shoot within a couple minutes. The great thing about this tripod is it’s capability to adjust to a horizontal post allowing me to be able to see better into the camera and rotate around the origin in 360°.  The first shot I did was blurry and not a lot of stars were visible, but it was a good first shot to learn from.

Things progressed and by a few shots later I had pointed the camera toward the Big Dipper. I’d also changed the shutter time to almost 30 seconds! I was able to capture this of the Big dipper without being too over exposed. That being said I was able to wind up with a pretty good shot of the Big Dipper.

Now I’ve had a few chances to learn a bit more about how my camera would perform. I can now take that information and produce much better shots but it’s going to take practice and learning. I’m so glad you’re with me on this journey. What I ended up with was a beautiful shot (though not where I want to be) of the night sky! I’ve been learning to take the small wins when I can get them.

Until then, see ya’ll and have a good one!


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