A Reprieve from the Smoke

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One thing I’ve grown to love about photography is learning to look at things in a different way. Learning to capture not only what my eye sees but what my mind is thinking. A photograph is not just a portrait of a location or people. It’s an interpretation of what the photographer is feeling and thinking. But I think a lot of times dark shots/lots of contrast is misinterpreted as turmoil; same with shots of fog. I like to think of my early evening shots of the sunset as the light shining through the dark, lighting the way. We all have our struggles, we all have our demons. Whether they are deep or shallow, they still exist. We have to look for the inspiration in the photo and the inspiration in our life to find our way out. Sunsets and sunrises are the perfect example of this. I’ve been trying to capture this, and feel as though I have in days past but also this last weekend when we had a reprieve from the smoke.

Shot on an EOS 70D w/ 16-35mm f/2.8

I headed to a spot outside of town (not too far as I’m currently on call for work), but just far enough that I was able to take some photos I find quite amazing. About an hour before sunset I arrived and began setting up. i’m fortunate enough that I was able to use another DSLR to be able to capture multiple angles at the same time. I snapped this photo of my EOS 77D with a 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 lens and custom 3D printed lens hood on it. I felt it really captured the behind the scenes of how I go about my shots. I found a good spot for this tripod and was beginning the framing of the shot.

If we take a look at another couple photos we can start to paint a picture of where we were. I popped around to show not only the camera and where I was framing but also the sunset as it was preparing for its grand sendoff. The blurriness of the camera with the framing of the mountains sets us up for a photograph that might be somewhat devoid of those beautiful colors you get just at sunset, but still has the contrast and orange highlights that help capture our attention.

We continue down the road of our evening when I remind myself that I belong, not just to the communities I’m a part of online, but also some other communities such as the friends that I made while attending Washington State University (full disclosure I actually graduated from a different University, but spent quite a number of years living and working there while going to school at WSU before transferring). That does not make me any less of a coug. I bleed crimson, and have left my heart at Martin Stadium in Pullman after some tough losses. That’s neither here nor there, just a bit of a tangent as to why this photo is so important to me but may not signify much to others. It signifies being a footnote in my history, what brought me to where I am today.

Now the moment I think y’all have been waiting for. The photo that is the reason for this post. This takes us back to the descriptor in the first paragraph where I talk about inner turmoil but that the sun shining through is the road through the dark. It is our guide and our hope. I love the emotion that photography can evoke.

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